8 Tips For a Stress-Free Move

Everyone wants to live in a new home but nobody wants to move. Why? Because moving is a hassle. It’s expensive. It forces you to come to terms with everything you own and try to reconfigure it in a new space. I recently moved into my new home, and there were some things that I thought went really well and other things that had me thinking “gosh, I should have done that differently!” So, pulling from my life lessons, here are 8 tips to make the moving process a whole lot more manageable and help you to save money along the way.

Pro tip: ask bars or restaurants for their old liquor boxes when moving glasses- the liquor boxes come with dividers, perfect for not breaking your favorite cup.

1.Start packing early.

  • I know it’s tempting to wait till the last minute, but think of things you won’t be needing for the next month and box them up. This is also a great opportunity to get rid of things you don’t need and donate them to people who do need them.
It really feels like home when you start getting mail at your new address.

2. Register your change of address with the post office.

  • Bonus: When you do this, you get a lot of coupons and special offers from companies such as west elm, Crate & Barrel, AT&T, and moving companies.

3. Put utilities in your name as of the move date, and prepare to have your internet/ cable services transferred as well.

  • It’s no fun to move in the dark (or without water), and you’ll definitely want to get your internet and cable configured so you can kick back and relax after moving.

4. To save money and your back, rent a U-Haul and use movers.

  • MovingHelp.com is a game changer. Here’s how it works: you rent a U-Haul online, and they have an option to book movers on the website. You can book them for as long or as little as you need, and there are different services offered as well, including packing, loading and unloading, and driving the truck.
Jellybean likes to hang out by the door now, but we made sure she wasn’t underfoot during the move.

5. Make a game plan for your pets.

  • If you have a finicky pet and it is possible for you to do so, bring your pet by before you move so they can explore the space in an unthreatening way. Moving can be hectic, so make sure you have a safe place for your pets to be out of the way or arrange for someone to watch them for the day. Give them lots of affection (and treats!) at bedtime since new places can be scary for furry friends.
My 3 best friends.

6. Deep clean before you move, then spot clean after.

  • Before you move, disinfect kitchen and bathroom areas. Sweep and vacuum floors. Mop hardwoods and tiled areas. Dust shelves. Clean out air vents. The whole 9 yards. This will make spot cleaning everything after you have moved in so much easier.

7. Unpack your bedroom first and make your bed.

  • The master bedroom is the most overlooked room in the house, and it is also the most important room in the house. Having a place where you can achieve a restful night’s sleep is essential, and having a tidy bed with fresh, clean sheets will help make that possible.
Look at that freshly made bed- Jellybean just wants to curl up and take a nap.

8. Order pizza.

  • Trust me, you won’t want to cook. If your friends are helping you move, pizza and beer are a nice reward for sacrificing a day to help you. Sitting down to a slice of cheesy goodness after a day of heavy lifting and cleaning is a welcome treat!

What do YOU think? Share any tips or personal experiences in the comment section below!

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