When I started in real estate back in 2014, I’ll be honest- I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I had an idea largely fueled by HGTV that I would be touring homes with excited buyers, congratulating my clients when we had accepted offers, and holding open houses in luxury properties. It seemed so glamorous. While all of those things have happened and will continue to happen, there is so much more to the job than my 25 year old self could fathom.

I didn’t realize that as a purely commission-based form of employment, I wouldn’t get paid until I closed a sale- no hourly wage to fall back on if something didn’t go quite right. I didn’t realize that I would need to keep my serving job for a while as I paid for numerous unexpected expenses upfront. I didn’t realize that I would be holding open houses on the weekends, going in to the office for extra training classes every chance I got, or making cold calls to people I had never met before trying to list their homes. I didn’t realize that I had to find my own clients- they wouldn’t just come find me. I didn’t realize that once I did find those clients I would need to figure out what to do with them, and make sure they knew that I was a competent Realtor with their best interests in mind.

I joined a team and began learning more than I ever could have dreamed about the goings on in the wonderful world of real estate. I got in touch with people I hadn’t spoken to in a while and let them know that I was now in the business.

I have always enjoyed getting to know people, and luckily for me that is strongly encouraged in my line of work. I love helping people realize their dream of owning a home, and I also like helping people through the endless flow of paperwork, inspections, offers, negotiations, and even little things after the sale has closed. I love helping people, and I hope that comes through in all of my work.

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